Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Spiritual Significance Of Music

Music, like spirit, is invisible. Yet it moves us to sing, dance, laugh,
cry, even march to war, to heal, and pray, Music has the power to bring
thousands of people together to celebrate. What else in life has this power?
Everything on this Earth eventually crumbles and returns to the dust of which
it was made. Only Spirit remains. Great music endures centuries, outliving it’s
creators and performers. Music, being so related to spirit, is not only a
wonderful tonic, but an inspirational force and powerful ally that can lead one
out of spiritual darkness alleviating emotional, physiological, and physical pain;
restoring and refreshing the soul. Is it the voice of God? The sound of nature?
Music, like spirit, like God, is indeed invisible and humankind will be wise to
recognize it’s healing and spiritual significance, and they need only to listen!



  1. I love reading blogs, and I am thrilled that you have started one. I look forward to keeping up with you here!

  2. Music can transport you back in time. I was watching an old movie the other night and at the end, the theme was beautiful, "Ice Castles" by Jennifer Warnes. The movie was from 1979 and the song brought back so many memories of that time, hard to believe it was 32 years ago. Music is the soundtrack of our life.

  3. In my humble opinion found no better definition for the meaning of the song!

  4. I find it SO amazing how musik can touch us, especially so deeply within.
    Having lived in Europe I was always breathless & had to stop when a certain piece of musik would be on the radio or within a Pension...did not understand a word of the song & yet something within did feel it so strongly.
    As you know I only write to your musik...those years in Heidelberg becoming acquainted with your compositions I was moved to write out the next set of sentences, paragraphs, and could almost visually see the musik before me.
    I am SO honored to be your acquaintance from afar & SO honored that your name is in the front of my little book contribution to the world...nothing big like you can do...and yet spirit touched spirit...heart touched heart...& words came into being on the wings of your melodies.
    Namaste my friend...& Godpseed~

  5. Very profound! I cannot imagine my life without music. I give thanks to the Spirit that I have the ability to hear it.

  6. I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by in our lives.
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